Friday, March 11, 2011

Hey Terry!

Right wing...that's what you say, right?  You really mean...prejudiced right?  Against blacks, the poor, women.  You and yours mean old white guys, you are just out for yourselves, walking on the backs of the multiple suffering groups.  And those corporations!  They are worse right?  Also run by mean white guys. 

So, how is that going in light of the antisemitic comments by the NPR spokesman, talking about Jews controlling the press?

Terry, we are running MONTHLY deficits greater than most previous years totals.  The Majority leader calls draconian trying to limit Cowboy Poetry.  How do you think that kind of nonsense would be handled if proposed in one of those evil corporations?

Lastly, the Cowboy Poetry escapade perfectly illustrates why government workers cannot be allowed to collectively bargain.  There is no incentive for fiscal restraint on the management side, you see that now right?

This stuff has finally pissed you off and your Conservative now right?

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