Friday, March 4, 2011

Lisa! you are going to really have to help out Baxter on this one!

As I have said all along  Baxter, this is bad, really bad, I mean how (and I know you will) can you ignore the following?  Are you blind?

See below the growth to trillions.  Anyone worried?  Now the congress is trying to limit spending.  Really they are, the REPUBLICAN congress has proposed budget cuts, real ones, granted they are only $60 B or so, but they are real.  Now if we look at our true problem, the growth of government spending, which the Liberals ignore, their thought being that, tax increases alone will solve our deficit problems (it must be their view, for they scream about ANY budget cuts), one ponders the question...well first a consideration...they argue that tax increases are the salve that our country needs, yet and here is the even Baxter a recently thinner man, will have difficulty performing the necessary gymnastics to get around this...well another thing...they state that if we would JUST INCREASE TAXES, we would not spend correspondingly more and our budget issues would be solved...if we had increased taxes in the past 5 years, we still would have had a huge deficit due to an even greater, whoppingly greater, growth of government spending,  even if we wer to ignore the economic hurt caused by such increases. 

The budget was balanced during Billy's term, however a better read is that when fiscally conservative Republicans are in charge there is a better chance at a balanced budget.

They are trying to cut spending and balance the budget and Lisa and Baxter and Eric and Terry are screaming.  What?  Why?  Are you idiots?  The house is on fire, why are you trying to add logs?  Are you stupid?  Lisa, you should be spending your time protesing the loss of your future by their (read Liberal politicians) overspending and refusal to even consider reasonable budget cutting measures.

The logic of liberal Democrats is mystifying, they claim to be fiscally responsible yet scream when any attempt is made to manage the budget. Your spokesman, Michael Moore:  "Everyone's money is...everyone's".  There is no deficit, just that darn private property problem.  How did that work our in the Soviet Union?  Is that what you want?

Control of Congress Budget Balanced? Deficit/Surplus

President Dwight Eisenhower (Left office Jan. 20, 1961)

1960 Democrat YES $301 million
1961 Democrat No --$3.3 billion

President John F. Kennedy (Assassinated Nov. 22, 1963)

1962 Democrat No --$7.1 billion
1963 Democrat No --$4.8 billion
1964 Democrat No --$5.9 billion

President Lyndon B. Johnson (Left office Jan. 20, 1969)

1965 Democrat No --$1.4 billion
1966 Democrat No --$3.7 billion
1967 Democrat No --$8.6 billion
1968 Democrat No --$25.2 billion
1969 Democrat YES $3.2 billion

President Richard M. Nixon (Resigned Aug. 9, 1974)

1970 Democrat No --$2.8 billion
1971 Democrat No --$23.0 billion
1972 Democrat No --$23.4 billion
1973 Democrat No --$14.9 billion
1974 Democrat No --$6.1 billion
1975 Democrat No --$53.2 billion

President Gerald Ford (Left office Jan. 20, 1977)

1976 Democrat No --$73.7 billion
1977 Democrat No --$53.7 billion

President Jimmy Carter (Left office Jan. 20, 1981)

1978 Democrat No --$59.1 billion
1979 Democrat No --$40.7 billion
1980 Democrat No --$73.8 billion
1981 Democrat No --$78.9 billion

President Ronald W. Reagan (Left office Jan. 20, 1989)

1982 Split No --$127.9 billion
1983 Split No --$207.8 billion
1984 Split No --$185.3 billion
1985 Split No --$212.3 billion
1986 Split No --$221.2 billion
1987 Split No --$149.7 billion
1988 Democrat No --$155.1 billion
1989 Democrat No --$152.6 billion

President George H.W. Bush (Left office Jan. 20, 1993)

1990 Democrat No --$221.0 billion
1991 Democrat No --$269.2 billion
1992 Democrat No --$290.3 billion
1993 Democrat No --$255.0 billion

President William J. Clinton (Left office Jan. 20, 2001)

1994 Democrat No --$203.2 billion
1995 Democrat No --$163.9 billion
1996 Republican No --$107.4 billion
1997 Republican No --$21.9 billion
1998 Republican YES $69.2 billion
1999 Republican YES $125.6 billion
2000 Republican YES $236.2 billion
2001 Republican YES $128.2 billion

President George W. Bush (Left office Jan. 20, 2009)

2002 Split No --$157.8 billion
2003 Split No --$377.6 billion
2004 Republican No --$412.7 billion
2005 Republican No --$318.3 billion
2006 Republican No --$248.2 billion
2007 Democrat No --$160.7 billion
2008 Democrat No --$458.6 billion
2009 Democrat No --$1.41 trillion

President Barack Obama

2010 Democrat No --$1.55 trillion

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Baxter said...

Wow, Doc. Where did you go and find that to cut n' paste?

I'll remind you that our last surplus left town when President Clinton did.

President Obama has rescued a collapsing economy while keeping the inherited deficit in line.

Your exhibit looks pretty good for Keynesians and awfully bad for supply-siders, no?