Monday, March 21, 2011

Really, this messed up.

Now remember you Liberal pinheads, you hated old Bushie because he did everything wrong.  Just DID NOT consider the consequences, didn't get other nations involved, WAS A COWBOY!

Lots of criticism for President resolve, was stubborn and not smart enough.  Mr. Baxter frequently...bitched about N. Korea, how President resolve did not have the "right" plan and now we were all messed up.

OK, but President Bracket, he led, for once, but without thinking and proclaimed that "Gadafy must go", or something like that, (now before you go into hyper denial mode, he said that last week, said that we needed regime change), but because he spoke before he thought (and spoke with Hilary), he did not realize that the "community" of nations would not back regime change, they just wanted to prevent an atrocity. 

OK, so it is a good thing to prevent an atrocity, in Libya (but apparently not in Iraq), we are nation building and taking military action and....we need to talk about let's talk and get authorization, so we go to...THE UN!  See we always said you Libs wanted to turn our government over to the Trilateral commission!  Just joking, but actually not because an underpinning of this is that the left wants a weakened America (heck even Time says we are in decline).

Shouldn't President Bracket have thought through the "Gadafy must go" BEFORE he said it and locked himself into a corner and shouldn't President Golf have at least asked the Congress for authority while he asked the UN?

What a dip.


Baxter said...

Rather rambling and incoherent piece, Doc. I guess Happy Hour was a good time?

The Obama Administration has greatly improved ties with the rest of the world - so much so that he was able to quickly get a near blank check in Libya. Over time, we can accomplish far more with UN support than without. Obama asked and got a YES. Bush asked and got a NO. That is just one small example of the improvement we've been enjoying these past two years.

He did not need congressional approval to act and there is a mountain of precedent to support his approach.

Though there are many "moving parts" in the Middle East, especially at the moment, we need to be on the side of the angels. We need to help keep the freedom movement going and maintain influence.

I'm glad that the Europeans are now bona fide partners and not mere fig leafs. We need them.

Jim G. said...

I was sober, mostly, and he really screwed up.

Remember now, regime change is NOT the goal, but it is, but it is not...

and my spelling was checked.

he remains not ready for prime time, nor apparently is his staff.

Baxter said...

Apparently, the American people agree with me: