Sunday, November 9, 2008

Emanuel a great pick

Republicans don't get it do you, He didn't pick Emanuel to deal with Republicans, he picked him to be a pit bull(if you will) so he can deal with his own party more effectively.
He is going to be pressured to do move far left and when he doesn't, he is going to need a tough chief of staff to back up his decisions to stay centered.
Emanuel has been the guy trying to recruit moderate liberals to run congressional and senate positions.
You all complaining about the guy hired to help Obama govern from the center.


Baxter said...

I agree in spades. Rahm will keep the left in check as he keeps "the trains running on time".

It's important for the new administration to moderate their legislation sufficient to pick up some GOP votes. Exceptions? Sure - the courageous 1993 budget bill went through with zero GOP votes and we need to be prepared to do that again, if necessary.

Jim G. said...

Bray now boys, governing is harder than just hope.

Baxter said...

Who's bragging? We are full of hope. Man, a bitter wind has blown back in from 'Vegas.

Lets face it - Dubya made governing LOOK really hard...

Jim G. said...

No wind, just the giant suck left after the miserable campaign conducted by Johnny Mac.

Looking for a conservative leader.