Sunday, November 16, 2008

Liberal is not a 4 letter word

Actually liberals are "progressive"...
I don't know what Repub philosophy is anymore. Supposedly Repub do not want govt in our lives, but they certainly do push a social agenda meddling in our personal lives!
They use to be fiscal conservatives, but that went out the window with gw and the mess he got us in. I don't really care anymore...we actually have a future and hope in spite of the Repubs!
Liberal is not a 4 letter word but really " DO UNTO OTHERS"

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Mark R. said...

Terry, I have no idea what you are blabbering about here. "Do onto others"? We are starting to see how change is defined and how progressive seen Obama is through his cabinet picks. Not very progressive or much of a change from what I have seen from Dems in the past. A lot of ultrapartisan Left wing attack dogs like Emanuel, Daschle, Clinton, etc.