Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I call BS

Anyone else noticing how now the press notes that we need to treat our President with respect and give him a chance with all the problems our ongoing problems?

Just precious.


Jim G. said...

and the stock market is showing such great confidence in the "O".

Your turn Democrats.

At least Al Franken will be able to perform standup.

Baxter said...

And the stock market did so well under Bush! His administration is going to be known as "the lost years".

Al Franken will win the recount.

Try not to be a sore loser.

Hags said...

Those of us on the Right side of the dial should not whine about the press. My former wife actually did like our daughter better than our son, and we all knew it, my daughter included. To my son's credit he doesn't whine about it, he just deals with it.

So it is with us Republicans and Conservatives. We know the press favors Lefties, and so do all honest Lefties. So, let's just shut up and play.

OBTW, let's not pretend the market is reacting to Bush or Obama. This is a massive exercise in deleveraging. When a fund has to cover a redemption of $1 dollar it likely has to unwind somewhere between $20 to $97. That is a lot of selling. It is not a referendum on politicians.


Jim G. said...

No Sir! This is a straight forward demonstration of lack of confidence in the "O" and his economic policies.


And your right Richie, looks like Al is going to steal the election.

Terry, remember, you voted for this! Don't worry, I will remind you.