Friday, November 21, 2008

A Prediction

The stock market is going to bottom next week (or so), oil is down and the economy is going to take off very soon. The "O" will get credit.

We, the U.S., are just looking for some good news. Some event will right the ship.


Our friend Terry has much to say about compassionate economics, most of it malarkey when in circumstances such as these, the rubber meets to road.


Baxter said...

I hope that you are right about the market + the economy. I've been very pessimistic of late, and I definitely don't share your view. We are in uncharted territory.

Jim G. said...

Once again you are wrong…2009 will be the worse year in generations, depression is a possibility…emerging countries may fail in their obligations costing trillions…Pakistan, Brazil etc…Obie is not the Messiah, this is a crisis of credit, solvency and confidence…it will take years to overcome


terry said...

Compassion means Caring. Caring means helping. Helping means not hurting sometimes. Times are tough get a helmet as hags says is true but when are we all going to understand we are in this together, management and worker. Not everyone for one's self. Look at these CEO's who got millions while their Company went belly up. Where is the fairness. I hear blue collar auto workers are not worth what they are getting paid, but no one is saying these executives are not worth what they are getting paid.What brought the Soviet Union down was the Arms Race they could not afford it and what's bringing us down is being the World's policeman ( Iraq ) and the crooked American Business Leader's who invent bullshit products that do not add to GNP. We can not afford the wasteful spending of the last 8 years. Remember we had a SURPLUS. I was against the war because we simply could not afford it, and there is a lot wrong in the world, we can't fix it with money (foreign aid) or beat it with war.