Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I know the "O" us so smart that he will save us but the devil is in the details.

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Baxter said...


You are the only right winger left on Morning Coffee. All the others have packed up and fled.

Where will they go now that South Africa overturned Apartheid and Paraguay is now run by a lefty?

Hags said...


The current crises have muted the voice of many conservatives, but while you lefties are plagiarizing your "new " plans out of Europe's playbook, we on the Right Side will retrench and re-emerge.

I don't think the majority of Americans wanted to move left. I think they just wanted (desperately) to move away from Bush. Who could blame them?

Capitalism is not dead, and, in fact, it is the best economic hope for the people of the world; and we on the Right Side, Champions of Capitalism that we are, will come back and save you and your fellow compassionate, but slightly confused, lefties!

No need to thank us, now or then. :>)


Baxter said...

Hags -

I agree with your analysis of the electorate, except that America did want to move towards the center - which is well to the left of Bush.

If we end up living like Europeans, that won't be so bad. Right now, I'm afraid we may end up living like Central Americans.

I am a capitalist all day long! It was a lefty - FDR - that saved capitalism in the 20th century.