Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama's Cabinet

Populating the Cabinet and Cabinet level positions is one of the most important things our new president will do. I have put my recommendatoions (not predictions) in the first comment. 


Mark R. said...

From what I read in the Tribune this morning President Elect Obama has already decided that he will not be reaching across to Republicans by choosing the ultra partisan Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff. So much for that campaign promise.

Baxter said...

Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel – The guy is perfect for the job. Obviously, he is Obama’s pick. I expect him to take it.

Defense: Robert Gates – Would be great to keep on board if he is willing to stay. Will help with the bipartisan effort.

State: Richard Holbrooke – Expert in the field, next in line on the Democratic bench.

Justice: Janet Napolitano – Exceedingly well qualified and puts a woman in one of the the top four cabinet positions.

Treasury: Larry Summers – Experienced, highly regarded on both sides of the aisle. Just what the doctor ordered. Keep Paulson as senior advisor, with genuine responsibilities concerning the credit crisis, if he’ll stay (if even for a year or so).

Homeland Security: Michael Chertoff – A controversial pick, I know. I think that he would faithfully and effectively implement Obama’s policy directives. To the extent possible, I’d like this to be a non-partisan job. Finally, his experience here is invaluable.

OMB: Leon Panetta – The Lance Armstrong of Budgeting and domestic policy. Would he take it for a second time?

Trade: Lanny Davis – Extremely capable and effective.

Energy: Arnold Schwarzenegger – Expressed an interest in joining Obama’s cabinet. Climate change is one of his chief concerns. More bipartisanship.

National Security Advisor: Strobe Talbott – Yet another expert in the field

National Economic Council: Austan Goolsby – the obvious choice.

Labor: Jared Bernstein – You’ve seen him on Kudlow. The resume is perfect.

No recommendations yet on the rest:

Drug Czar

Baxter said...

Mark - You are correct that the extremely effective Emanuel can be a partisan pit bull. He can also operate in a very bipartisan manner as he did in Clinton's second term. I expect him to do so in his new role.

Jim G. said...

Notice, my whack job BIL has these episode where he pretends he is President. I bet less than 10% of predictions come true.

Anyone else notice how the Russians are testing the water?

Baxter said...

I said RECOMMENDATIONS, not predictions.

Two Adds:

HHS: Dr Howard Dean - just the man to handle entitlement reform, universal health care.

HUD: John Podesta - Housing is a big deal at the moment and the former Chief of Staff is a giant.

Baxter said...

Three (all GOP) adds:

Intelligence: Colin Powell, if he'd take it.

Commerce: Carlie Fiorina or Meg Whitman - More bipartisanship

Education: Condi Rice, if she'd take it. Stanford's former provost probably knows a thing or two about education.