Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great, they like us better!

Could we discuss whether or not a country "likes" us means anything.

I say not much.


Baxter said...

This is a stupid question, but I'll answer it anyway.

We live on a little blue dot that we share with 6 - 7 billion people. We only have about 3% of the world's population, however, our influence is greater due to our political and economic development.

By joining with others - creating alliances - we are able to accomplish much more than we can alone.

I'll play Socrates:

How many nuclear bombs would North Korea have if China felt as threatened about Kim Jong Il's proliferation as we do?

Would Iran be making progress developing a nuclear bomb if Russia opposed them as strongly as we do?

Did NATO help avoid a third world war? Did it allow Western Europe to rebuild without having to spend all of it's meager resources on defense?

Could we have won independence from the British without the French?

Are you familiar with the concept leverage? Would it behoove us to lead the world down the path of Western Civilization while we are preeminent? Shouldn't we take this opportunity of Pax-Americana to craft a better world? Shouldn't we use our influence while we have it?

Would the world be a safer place if we put same on notice that we'll do as we please because we can?

Will opposing alliances be formed if we behave cavalierly without regard for the views or interests of our global neighbors?

Will we be safer and richer if opposing alliances are formed? Will our relative influence wax or wane?

I could go on, but hopefully it is not necessary. "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall."

Gary said...

We are all on this round spaceship hurling through outer space. The people in the back of the spaceship want to kill us. Wouldn't it be a good idea to make nice-nice with these people? I say, yes, I think it's important whether or not a country likes us. At least until we find another spaceship to occupy.

Jim G. said...

Dopes you all, I say.

Do you really think it matters a whit what Europe or our enemy's think about us? It is business boys, business and terror an you are living in a world of denial if you think them "liking "O" will make an iota of difference.

Rich, you honestly think the terrorists will recruit less? The only way to end this war is to win!

This is not about treating folks with respect, it is whether the leader of a country (beyond tourism) has any effect on country's relationships beyond the most superficial issues.

They are still going to try and out trade us and still try to bomb us (in fact more, because the "O" has already put the terrorists on notice that the U.S. has no stomach for war). Biden had it correct, we will be tested.

So, Richie, not a stupid question. And Gary, no we are not on a big F------- spaceship. I hope this kind of naivete does not lead us to a nuclear "incident".

Baxter said...


Your views here are incredibly short sighted. How do we benefit from being cavalier?

Great presidents are able to work with the world. George W Bush was a failure in this area. Perhaps, that is why you are an apologist for a haughty foreign policy.

Al Queda will still recruit - they just won't have as much success. GWB was their best recruiting tool.

"This is business"? Of course it is. Leverage and alliances work in business too. There is no upside to being a difficult or disdainful partner. I can't understand why you argue this position, other than backing into support for your boy with the 22% rating.

We'll be tested? Of course we will. We always are.

Gary said...


You didn't like my spaceship theory because you wanted to be Captain Kirk. Pompous A-hole.

Mr. Spock