Monday, November 3, 2008

To Know Her Is To Respect Her
Sarah Palin's Future


Gary said...

She's sweet, no doubt. However, have you heard even one peep out of even the most conservative republicans saying, "Palin for President!" I didn't think so.
Nobody picks a VP that couldn't be a viable candidate down the road. Until now.

Baxter said...

Jim - you are stubborn. I still don't get your anti-intellectualism. Sarah Palin is a joke with all but the base of the party. The sooner you realize this, you can hitch your wagon to some other incompetent right winger in the image of GWB.

terry said...

Sarah Palin got spoofed by a French Comedian pretending to be Sarkozy, who at one point tells her he likes to hunt, she responds I do too and then he proceeds to say I like killing things, and Palin just goes on and on with him not catching on when a 3rd grader could have figured it out. Check u tube and listen. It's embarrasing at the least and alarming that she would be a heart beat away from President. Jim G. please pull it up and honestly tell me this is not important.

Jim G. said...

First, I got you dopes to talk about her on the verge of the "O" victory. (not you G, your not a dope..well kind of)

Second, 4 years is a long time. She will make a lot of money on speaking tours and enlarge her base. Think Rudy

Remember the "O"'s career started with a speech. (I still don't get why you think he is more qualified than she). She just got hitched to the wrong wagon and was mishandled, a little, at the start. 20,000 folks would not come to hear anyone else but the "O" speak at this time. She has a way with people using grace, empathy and speaks of freedom.

And Gary, yes they are talking about Sarah in 2012.

Rich, you have burned your bridges with me in terms of caring about your opinions of others, good or bad. You have sought to impugn a plumber for asking a question and implied Sarah and her church was practicing Witchcraft after she simply participated in a ceremony. You use no such filters for your side. Your side always accuse us of being judgmental and therefore we are open to criticism and you are... Al Franken.

Being objective, she is the Governor of a state and has held a 90% approval rating. She was thrust into the national spotlight and has become a star. She will run for President.

Gary said...


You're too conservative to see the trees for the woods. You'd find a rationalization for Charle Manson as president. Hey, he'd CUT taxes, or, hey, he'd CHOP spending. The jokes are endless. Anyway, I'm just as disapointed as you are about the impending recession and longterm slowdown in the economy that Obama will induce, but I'm openminded enough to see that YOU have a better chance of reaching the White House than Sarah Plain, uh, Palin.

Jim G. said...

Hey, I don't mean to say I am a fortune teller, I owe Richard Miller a $100 bottle of wine on tomorrows election.

There is a vacuum of leadership on the right and she will fill the void. Obama was there in 04, who else is here on the right?

I'm not saying she should measure the drapes, I am saying she will be a force and run and who knows.

Baxter said...

The right wingers regard for J.T. Plumber indicates how empty their idea box really is. What insight or wisdom does Joe have to offer? Is he living a life that we'd aspire to? Why does he deserve a minute of our valuable time? If he is going to get involved, why can't he do it honestly? Why make up a self aggrandizing story?

JTP and Sarah provide still more evidence of a dearth of talent on the right.

Mark R. said...

You have missed the point. Joe the Plumber was able to get Barry to spill the beans on his intenet to take from the haves and redistribute to the have nots. The Joe saga has also served as a preview into the facist tactics that Barry lovers and the useful idiots in the MSM are going to engage in whenever someone's views are not congruent with the flavor of Kool Aid being served by Barry. You who had eplileptic seizures over the tapping of international phone calls originating or terminating in known terrorist areas are using J. Edgar Hoover like tactics against those who actually make Barry look less that the "Obamamessiah". The same goes for Sara Palin. Both Sara and Joe have been able to show the American public that is paying attention what it will be like living in the "1984" like country that we will have under Barry's leftist fist. Anyone who has paid attention to the extreme left in this country over the last few years and their extreme facist like tactics as they shout down anyone who utters statements that they do not agree with or violently assault conservative speakers on university campuses knows that the only "free speech" that they believe in is speech that agrees with their views. They now possibly have their hero and savior soon sitting in the chair that is occupied by the arguably most powerful man in the world. The Founding Fathers of this country will be rolling in their graves. They wrote many times of the "tyranny of the majority" especially since they were living during the French Revolution. Not even Thomas Jefferson who many Democrats like to claim as the Father of their party would agree with most of the policies of Barry.

Baxter said...

Wasn't that interesting when an anonymous source at Immigration leaked to news about the illegal Auntie? 1984? Fascism?

Spill the beans about "redistribution"? Obama is merely returning to the Clinton era top rates and using the proceeds to cut the lower + middle taxes - good stimulative policy as we head into what could be a deep recession.