Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today's dust up about Palin. I think it is mostly not true and shows Johnny Mac in a bad light no matter how it is played. Either he chose her and can be faulted or is being petty now and looks bad.

This is yet another example of how Johnny Mac is a disorganized fool.

By the way, administrations that are organized are inevitably labeled as secretive. I think "O" s will be labeled as such by the right.

Richie, this is just for discussion. Try and not go all Olberman on us.


Baxter said...

"Mostly not true" about Palin? How would you know? Seems to fit the pattern.

I agree - it puts McCain in bad light in any event.

I'm glad it is over. Now on to governing!

Jim G. said...

How would I know? Because any fool would know those things and this is obviously a staffer of a failed campaign trying to help their own carrer. Fox news today pretty much clarified the issue.

How would I know that Palin's church did not practice witchcraft, because I am not stupid, which one would need to be to believe that crap.

On to opposing.

Baxter said...

Palin is the only candidate in US history to be publicly blessed against all forms of witchcraft. I guess that makes some folks feel more comfortable...