Monday, November 10, 2008

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Hags said...

I have been off the radar screen for a while, partly due to just being busy and partly because the election results bummed me out. A quick view of the blog seems to indicate I am not alone. We have the celebrators analyzing the cool inside game Obama and the Dems are playing, and we have Ganem gamely trying to stimulate conversation by posting a nice conservative piece on the realities of how the tax burden falls (namely, it is abusive of those who drive the economy, create jobs and help make a better life for all those who slog in the trenches as well as those who simply ride in the wagon and whine about the bumpy ride (where have you gone Phil Graham)) (gosh, I love a good rant!!!) and the liberals in the crowd ignore Ganem BECAUSE THEY CAN: THEY WON! Who cares about fair?!?!?!? Get those over-paid capitalists!!! Meanwhile, the conservatives in our bunch are too bummed to pick up the torch.

Well, Jimmy, I back and I'm ready to take up the good fight. Surely the new administration and congress (I refuse to capitalize that group of misfits) will not be able to resist the urge to over-do, and I will take $100 bets with any of you who want it that the Republicans will gain ground in the next congressional elections. Pelosi, Reid, Ringel, Waxman, Frank, et al. are about to claim a mandate and have their way. That group will make Hillary in '93 look like a voice of moderation and a centrist!

They will tax the rich. They will take away the secret ballot from workers and turn the Union Goons loose on the Little Guy. There will be an increase in our enemies aggressions and we will respond with moderation and diplomacy. I CAN'T WAIT!!! This will be such fun, Obama will lead us closer to the ways of the the french (they don't get a capital letter either), and America will respond as it should. Our Citizens will start adding back balance against a leftist agenda.

The Republicans lost for good reasons. They deserved a thumping. Bush sucked and everybody knows that. EVERYBODY!!! I think it is interesting that with everything going his way Obama garnered 53 out of every 100 ballots cast. I am confident he and his motley crew of congresspersons (I love Correct Speak!) can change 4 out of 100 voters back to the our side.

That was fun!

Talk to you soon I hope.


Baxter said...

Wow, Hags! That was a rant!

You sound rather smug for a guy that watched Reagan DOUBLE the national debt in one term and Dubya DOUBLE it again over two terms. The Republican approach is bankrupt and has led us to where we are today. And you look to Republicans for solutions!?

Yes - Bush sucked and EVERYBODY knows it - except Jim Ganem. He's too stubborn to admit it. In fact, he compared him to Churchill while you were gone. He feels no hesitation whatsoever when making the most unreasonable arguments or observations.

I too am a well paid capitalist and I look forward to paying higher taxes. It will mean I've had another good year. I think I'll probably have to wait until 2010 as I do not see Obama upping rates, even on the top end, at this time.

The Clinton tax structure worked wonderfully. Why did Bush feel compelled to change it? I know he sucked. Perhaps, that explains it.

I think Osama bin Laden is very disappointed. He would have preferred another warrior in the WH. Its gonna be awfully tough to recruit terrorists when the Great Satan is run by a black man with an Arab name. It will be worse still for Al Queda when Obama rebuilds international relationships and alliances that had been torn asunder over the past seven years.

I love watching the righties go apoplectic over card check. The deck is stacked right now against the working folks. Perhaps that is why their real wages have dropped considerably over the past 30 years. The ratio of CEO pay to worker pay is off the map and growing in the US, while it remains stable in Europe and Japan. Card check is a way of getting representation without having to overcome the myriad bad faith obstacles that employers put in place to a free and fair election. It is time consuming and expensive. Card check is quick and easy. It is the best path to significantly raising incomes in the service sector.

You are right, Hags. That was fun!

Hags said...


Sorry for the delay in responding.

By and large you are a rational voice from the left side of the dial. I don't buy your stuff, but if I start from where you do I can see how you get where you get.

Having said that, your position on card check is unmitigated bullshit. How can you see a secret ballot as anything other than the fairest way to give Everyman his or her voice?!?!?! When a person goes into the booth they are free and safe from intimidation or recrimination.

If you mean the process of getting to the booth is flawed, then discuss that. But don't embarrass yourself by supporting a process that is designed to support pressure on an individual.

Let's do have fun, but I expect better from you.


Jim G. said...

This is not a country of oppressed workers who need representation!

We are mostly talking about publicly traded companies.

They, the Unions, have distorted markets and their time has passed.