Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well that takes care of everything

We have arrived. Did you notice...the air is cleaner? The Homeless, they went home. Bigotry is a thing of the past. Other nations now love us and we are no longer under threat. If we need to mine data now, its OK. Obama will know what to do to save us.

I know these things because the last time the Democrats held power, those things somehow just mysteriously faded away. No one in the MSM was interested in the homeless anymore. I am not sure where they keep them during Democratic periods of rule. The Democratic President always faces tough decisions and when mistakes happen, they will have done their best; not making stupid mistakes like the Republican President's. When the Congress analyze the national security evidence, well Obama will have looked at it also, so it must be true.

Until the various crisis start, you know the ones, the health care crisis, the Union crisis, the Fairness doctrine crisis. Then things will start to look bad, you know, because the Republicans will stand in the way of progress and something must be done. The MSM will stand by their President and his agenda.

But you also know, the MSM will get bored...


terry said...

Every thing is not solved. But all sides will have an ear, all idea's expressed, all optioned looked at. Let's give this a try, It's still a great country even with the the Pelosi's, Reid's, and Palin's. The press is liberal are we to blame for that? Let's try get along with the famous word's of Rodney King " why can"t we all get along"

Jim G. said...
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Jim G. said...

Are you kidding? Politics is about conquest. Your side won and should start whacking off heads at any moment.

From: The Loyal Opposition.

Mark R. said...


God bless you! If you actually for a second believe what you write. The Democrats for 8 years under Bush have really shown us how to get along haven't they? They perfected the art of filibuster and have been the most obstructionist congress in the long history of this great nation. Barry says he will reach across the aisle as President. I believe this will be the first campaign promise among the many that he will break. He never reached across the aisle as a Senator and I believe strongly that he will not as President. If things don't get a lot better in his first two years you will see changes in the make up of Congress just like when Clinton was President. That is when the Clinton Presidency was at its beat, after the Republicans were the majority party in Congress. He was forced to reach across the aisle.