Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sometimes it's necessary to take a step back in time. To fully assess someone and see as the young generation says if they truly "Walk the Walk".


Jim G. said...

Let's look at past Presidents and see what they did with their lives after national service.

President Carter: Still working on human rights, habitat for humanity,wrote
book Palestine/ Israel conflict. Over seeing free elections.

President Reagan: Rode horses in Santa Barbara.

President Clinton: Working on World Hunger, World Aids Relief.

President Ford; Getting tee times in Palm Springs, until death.

President Bush: Doing something in Kennebunkport, playing golf, fishing,skydiving.

President Bush 2 ????



Jim G. said...

You are a homer too.

Bush I and Clinton worked together on these projects.

Mark R. said...

Terry, is this how we no measure a Presidency? You have to be kidding!

President Carter who is going down in history as one of the worst Presidents ever builds some homes for the poor and we are now calling him a saint? If our current President does the same then will you consider him as great?

Pointing to Carter's book is even more telling as to your naiveté. This anti-Israel hack job is so full of inaccuracies that long time advisor to Carter and a fellow of the Carter Center, Kenneth Stein, resigned along with 13 other board members over the innacuracies in the book. The joint letter of resignation stated "you have clearly abandoned your historic role of broker in favor of becoming an advocate for one side".
Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid is so biased that it inevitably raises the question of what would motivate Jimmy Carter to write such an indecent book. Cut and paste the following link to see all of the innacuracies in this book.
Ever since being booted from office in a landslide 24 years ago, Carter has been bent on exacting revenge on the ungrateful American electorate by playing to admiring anti-American audiences overseas, where he instinctively sides with anti-American sentiment and coddles the most vile dictators and human rights abusers on the planet. It is not an accident that Carter's popularity overseas is highest in the nations that hate the United States the most.

He went over to give hugs to North Korea's Kim Il Sung 10 years ago. Carter compared Kim Il Sung, the last Stalinist-era dictator with the blood of 3 million North Koreans on his hands, according to human rights groups, to George Washington and Patrick Henry. When North Korea admitted that it had proudly violated the 1994 agreement to end its nuclear weapons program, Carter took to the pages of the New York Times to declare that it was our fault.

He went to Syria to meet with exiled Hamas terrorist chief Khaled Meshal in April. He continues to be very un-Presidential and criticize the US and its policies using overseas locations to deliver his vile messages.

President Clinton has done the same.

No Republican in history has left office and then gone and made anti US policy speeches like Clinton and Carter. Do they think that by criticizing another President that they can somehow wipepout the bad moments of their Presidencies? Carter is the worst President ever and he is working hard at being the most disgraceful ex-President ever as well.

It is totally unfair to throw President Reagan into this debate as we all know he became very ill after leaving office.

The problem with Clinton and Carter is that they cannot give up the spotlight and come to the realization that they are now ex-Presidents and are therefore supposed to be dignified.

Clinton, who many have called the first black President, has also somehow become a raving racist as well, as the media has portrayed him after his statement about Obama in North Carolina. Many now argue that he single handedly derailed Hillary's Presidential bid.

Jim has pointed out that Bush I has been involved in humanitarian things and with Ford maybe it is better that he just played golf all those years. Too bad the republicans did not come up with a stonger person who could have overcome the taint of pardoning Nixon. Due to having Ford we got the imbecile Carter who spent a lot of time in his rose garden thinking. Thank you Jimmy for Islamic Radical terrorism. Thank you Jimmy for using the Olympics as a weapon against the Soviet Union. That really showed them while ruining a lifetime of training for so many athletes. The Soviets were so impressed that they stepped up their War in Afghanistan.

Continuing with the ex-peanut farmer. He was a disaster on the economy, blaming high inflation, for example, on the character of the American people. Remember the misery index? But by far his worst failing was in foreign policy. His human rights policy led to human rights disasters in Iran and Nicaragua, and emboldened the Soviet Union to extend its reach further into the third world. The fruits of the Iran disaster are still very much with us today. The fall of Iran set in motion the advance of radical Islam and the rise of terrorism that culminated in September 11. If we had stuck by the Shah or his successors, the history of the last 25 years in the Middle East would have been very different (and the Iranian people would have been better off, too). For starters, the Soviet Union would have hesitated greatly over invading Afghanistan in 1979.

The American people were the true barometer of what a terrible President Jimmy really was. He was beaten in his bid for a second term in a land slide. Ouch! President Bush I barely was beaten in his reelection attempt and the reason he probably lost was due to Ross Perot. Carter barely beat Ford who pardoned Nixon. Reagan, Clinton and Bush II all were reelected for second terms. The facts are in the results and no amount of good works can make Jimmy Carter go down in history as anything better than one of the worst in history.

Terry, you also point out supervising elections. Like the Venezuelan one where he coddled Hugo Chavez and stated that the election was fair? I would be willing to bet a lot that there are many Venezuelans who would argue that point.

In one sentence, you might say that while Ronald Reagan believed in "peace through strength," Carter and other liberals like Obama believe in "peace through talk." You'd think they'd have learned from history by now, but no.

It is my opinion that if Barry wins we will be embarking on Carter's second term.

God help us!