Thursday, October 30, 2008


I want smart this this time. I've had enough of stupid. Obama graduated from Harvard. The other guy finished 4th from the bottom in his class, and laughs about it.(MCCAIN) The guy who had the job before went to Yale on a legacy deal, and got C's. (BUSH) The guy before him was a Rhodes scholar.( CLINTON) What more do I need to know? And let's not even get into Vice Presidents and their education??


Jim G. said...

Many at our Universities are quite smart but Socialists.

I want smart, but principled, conservative smart.

Lot's of smart guys can envision programs which work in the ether but end running up the debt.

Einstein would not have made a good President.

Bush also attended Harvard business school, not on daddy, the ambassador (at the time) coattails.

Mark R. said...

Jimmy Carter allegedly has one of the highest IQs ever recorded for a President. Enough said!

Mark R. said...

There are different kinds of intelligence as well. Common sense is one of these. Another big one is wisdom. Wisdom is something people learn from experience. Barry has no experience at all therefore he has no wisdom. I certainly do not want a President who has no wisdom but instead kow tows to a myriad of special interest groups.