Friday, October 24, 2008

A conservative

I will tell you what a conservative is, it is a person that gets all the benefits of government, uses them, and then pulls up the drawbridge behind them..Since one of our bloggers is an esteemed physician, he might tell us who subsidized his medical school education...It was state and federal taxes that did that..and who provided money to the residency program that paid him a salary and paid for his training throughout his this program..It was partly state tax payers, but mostly federal tax payers that footed that bill..Now he does not like to pay taxes, he wants to cut even more taxes, and run up an even bigger deficit..Does he favor cutting all support to medical education, that is several billion dollars a year..One persons support is another persons welfare!!!!!!!!


terry said...

I love this guy, Jim G you have met your match.

Baxter said...

Agreed. Great post!