Friday, October 24, 2008

What exactly is a right winger?


A Liberal is another name for a socialist who wants to redistribute income.

A Conservative is one who believes in minimal government intervention in the economy.

The term Right winger has been used on this blog. OK, Terry and Rich, in as cognitive a manner as possible, please give a definition (or do you intend it as an insulting description of a Conservative)?


Mark R. said...

It is the jet that flys as a wingman on the right side of a Blue Angels formation.

Baxter said...

One who is far to the right when measured from the center.

Jim G. said...

Just great Rich.

My point is that I can speak accurately and define a liberal. You must exaggerate and well, lie, to define a conservative.

terry said...

A conservative is okay, a right winger is someone who expects all the benefits of the Goverment, and does not want to pay for them. Starts a war with someone who did not attack us and does not want to pay for it, passes the expense to future Americans. Somehow thinks homosexuals are a threat to him. Believes in Adam and Eve,and Rush L, and Carl R. Right Wingers have "all the answers" and I mean all the answers. Answers that historcially lead to genocide, war, because our God is better than your God.Right wingers support torture, exclusiveness,they watch fix (Fox) news with Sean Hannity.
The Republican race to replace George Bush became who could become the biggest Neanderthal on the planet. I can stay in Iraq longer than you. I can cut taxes bigger than you. I can fire gays better than you. I can repeal Roe vs. Wade faster. I can build a fence faster around America than you.I can stop stem cell research better than you. Bill Buckley was a conservative, but the Republican Party has been taken over by the Right Wing.